Frequently Asked Questions

Can you design my logo?

If your branding budget is more endowed than your web budget, do yourself a favor and get a full branding package from the folks over at OC Creative. If you just want to test the waters with something smaller scale, give my pal Leslie a shout.

Can my site be built with Wix / Weebly / Squarespace instead?

It's a no from me, dawg. I might consider it, but it will cost you. Double. Because I hate them and I hate working with them so it's going to have to be worth my while.

What host do you recommend?

For most small, local sites I highly recommend Siteground. They have solid hosting options with great uptime, comparable pricing, and excellent customer service. There is a host out there with a very robust affiliate program that you should never use. (Their affiliates don't even use them.) I won't name it, but it's got a color in the title. Steer clear.

Where should I buy my domain?

It depends. If you're looking to keep your domain and hosting accounts together, go with Siteground. If you're okay with separate accounts, I recommend GoDaddy as you can always find a coupon code.